New Jewellery

Unfortunately the light was pretty bad for product photography so only a few images were worth using. I have done quite a large collection for Kirkby Gallery – pendants, earrings and brooches. Although the exhibition only has a week to run, what is left should carry on into the gallery shop. My next big making drive is for my Etsy shop, to try and build up a good showing of ready to ship sets of Prefelts. A Craft and Jewellery fair in the summer, which will focus mainly on jewellery with a few bags thrown in for good grace, will also be something which will demand alot of stock.

I love integrating beads and ceramic shapes that I buy from various artists on Etsy. Its great getting the right combination of colour and texture as I feel I have achieved here with the Raku Heart pendant.


12 thoughts on “New Jewellery

  1. not a good day today –went for an interview -hour and a half travel each way, for a new freelance client and when I got there he was out. The ……… forgot I was coming! I might get something off him anyway as he felt a bit embarrassed
    I drowned my anger by buying a whole chicken, a kitchen spatula (Harriet melted the other one when she left it in the oven) and a bottle of Arroya del Feugo 2009. Great weather today though –stormy with intermittent periods of bright sun and the grey foggy gloom. We need the rain desperately tho

    • Hope his forgetfulness does not migrate to paying his bills. I suppose that’s when you need to text people, to remind them to be in or maybe throw a boomerang-shaped spatula at them with a message written on it, “Be in or it’ll be the chicken next time!”

    • Better day today. the guy who wasnt in evidently liked work examples I sent him by email and wants me to come in and take over a project. I gave him a low price but better a little money than nothing at all. Thats the state of the graphic market these days. You have to swallow your professional pride or you starve. Any fool who does a half year course these days sets up his own studio and some of the trash they turn out is pretty awful. Its all so easy now. glad I’m in the sunset of my professional life!

      • That is a good idea son. Actually today I was talking with a guy i did some photography with about 15 years ago. hes one of the top industrial photographers in Israel but now has a graphic studio in TA. he is about 65 years old and he called me up today and we got talking about the younger generation of graphic “Designers”. he says most of them are worth shit because they dont have the craft grounding and leave it up to the printers to sort out their lack of technical knowledge. if it looks good on the screen ten its good enough for them. he was saying he prefers employing older people and said he’d take me in a jiffy if I’d come and live in TA. Perish the thought! TA is a wonderful place for observing the outstanding local totty as Mick will probably vouch for, and also for going out to restaurants, but live there, – give me the “big skies ” of the Golan any day!

        • Its the same in most areas of Art and Design, definitely so in fashion design where talentless designers rely on the skill of pattern drafters and machinists to interpret their hastily thrown together scribbles. By the way, how did you get your avatar up there?

  2. Very impressive and user friendly. It does make me a touch envious as I was off sick when talent and imagination were being handed out. Nice stuff.

    • Actually apart from the Header pic the site does most of it for you. Its good being able to interact more with the software than the Google blog allowed.
      I’m sure you would be able to write a brilliant blog. Thanks for subscribing.

    • Glad you like it. It will be good to keep as a record of ideas, inspiration and work produced.
      It emails me every time there is a comment for my approval so please feel free to contribute whenever something inspires you to write.

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