A Good Meal

Its a lead grey day today and very dusty. When the wind comes from the South it blows all the dust from the desert and the air is a sort of yellowish grey. (a bit like the weather we had before Oodis wedding if you remember). We had a nice weekend. Oodi and Adi came up and Ariel brought her latest beau, Omree, who is a very nice guy apart from being about 6 foot 2 tall.

We had friday night meal and polished off a bottle of my homemade Merlot (officially still not of age but eminently drinkable) + a bottle of my hallucinagenic apricot and plum wine, a sneaky brew which creeps in through the back door. We had some very good steaks. Everyone chips in and makes something. Apart from the wine, I made the roast spuds, oodi did the steaks, harriet did the brocolli and Ariel made a mean Caesar salad. Everyone left with the feeling that eating well is the best revenge on life. i was left to wash the dishes!


14 thoughts on “A Good Meal

  1. just got a bollocking from the sis about putting my comments not in the right place on the blog site. i have been confined to a place called “Brothers Blather” which sounds a bit like a small Lincolnshire village. if you want the wine, Im afraid youre gonna have to come over here. I dont have an export licence. Our steaks were about 350 grams each. Screw the food police

    • I don’t want my blog site to be sullied by an untidy mind. Just remember your place and everything will be fine. I am willing to make you a contributor as long as you play by the rules and post in the appropriate category. Food talk does not belong under “New Jewellery”. Do you think I’m being harsh, Mick?

      • No funny business, lady. Lifes too complicated as it is, what with the Mayan Calendar coming to an end next year and Lady Gaga with those implants. Brazen Hussy

        • Food IS Art. Even before I started cooking 6 months ago, I knew I would be able to do it cos I imagined it being just like doing graphics. And it was. harriet and the girls agree –I have the touch – and they are all no slouches in the kitchen themselves

          • Good art lasts longer than good food.
            Looking at good art satisfies the higher senses but looking at good food is usually a preliminary to mangling it up in your choppers and turning it into s………

            • Question is – should good art (I presume your talking about painting and sculpture) last longer than food. maybe its better that after a week, month or year or so art should be recycled and should just be left in the memory of the beholders. or art should be made edible. We seem to cope quite well with the other more transient arts such as music, dance etc that they are fleeting moments of bliss. I like the idea of Zen sand art in which they spend days making beautiful creations from colored sand and then destroy it

            • Possibly destroying great art after a few days would be selfish and deny the masses the chance to see it. On the other hand, it would definitely establish art as the sole property of the creator to do whatever he/she chose to do with it. I do like the sense of release when something is finished or has sold and is expunged from my psyche.

  2. Sounds fabulous. Of course here we would only be able to eat 2.5oz (70g) steaks as the latest health fascist diktat is that this is the maximum intake of red meat allowable per adult. Ironically 70g is also the required daily amount of food required by a kitten. We are becoming a nation of pussies.
    Any chance that you will be exporting the hallucinogenic apricot and plum wine to the UK?

  3. That photo looks just like the view from the end of our street. So im called “Brothers Blather eh, me lass. yer young scallywag.
    Did you persuade Mick to write a few words?

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